Toddler Shoes Dilemma


I am feeling extremely frustrated with shoe…. Specifically shoes for toddlers that don’t cost the earth.  Yes I want good shoes but I don’t want to be spending $80 -$100 for shoes ,especially when you have 4 kids that grow and are growing fast.  I was looking for good shoes for running around in at kindy.

My eldest grew 4 shoes sizes in 1 year and that was 2 years ago.
In the last 2 months I have bought 2 pairs of shoes from a departmental store that have literally fallen apart in weeks. It was driving me crazy.  So I got my thinking…  I don’t know many shoe factory outlet. Where am I going to go and get some good shoes and around that $30-$40 and are good quality.  I did look online at Paul’s warehouse , they didn’t have  anything in DD1 shoe size.
toddler shoes
 Then I remembered the podiatrist my eldest went too sells shoes and often has sales at this time of the year. Many other places are starting to have their end of financial year sales and / or getting rid of last pairs.
 The podiatrist was very helpful and measured both of my girls feet. They looked at the shoes they had on sale and also last pairs.  DD1 tried on 2 pairs that would be suitable, We chose a beautiful pair that gives her feet space to grow and are realy pretty. (My little girl loves pretty things!!) I have been told they are excellent quality and hopefully pass them down to DD2
The lovely lady that helped me recommend that I keep the girls shoe size handy and sign up for their mailing list. Apparently every 6-8 weeks they have end of lines / last pair  and they email customers on the list.

Tips to get good Shoes.

  • Have you kids feet measured and keep the sizes handy. ( use an app to keep to all the kids sizes handy)
  • Ask your podiatrist/ quality shoe outlet  about last pairs / clearance shoes.
  • Compare and look online / instore what is available.
  • End of financial year Sales

I am totally thrilled I got $80 pair of shoes for $35. Made from leather and really good sole. DD1 thinks they are wonderful and i hopefully wont be buying shoes for a while!

June 17, 2016 |
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