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It is crazy October is here and there is about 11 weeks til Christmas. I need to be organised and ahead of the game for my sanity and pocket.  I really dont want to be going Christmas Shopping with four kids in tow!! I am writing a few Christmas posts to help me and my readers create a stressfree Christmas.

Here are some things to help you be a savvy shopper and feel organised and enjoy Christmas with our families.  We can Create a beautiful relaxed Christmas and enjoy the things that are really important to you.  Keep it Super Simple and have a plan now to alleviate the stress that Christmas can bring.

Here is your first step.


Decide on a theme for Christmas

  • What theme would you would like to create this year?  What traditions do you have or would like to create.  Look at Pinterest for ideas
  • What stage is your family  at?
  • What do already have?
  • What do you need to replace?
  • How much do you want to spend on decorations? Don’t forget to think about the New Years celebrations as well.
  • Look at what Wrapping paper supplies you have leftover from last Christmas. Don’t forget sticky tape, gift tags , cards, wrapping paper.
  • Table decorations (napkins, Christmas Crackers, Advent calendars)

At the beginning of this year I disposed of our christmas tree.  All the leaves  were falling off and it was such a nuisance So I have known that I would need to replace our tree this year. I was fortunate enough to come across an idea that I felt would solve my problem of little children playing with ornaments  and pulling the christmas Tree down.  It is a Christmas tree painted on fabric which you hang up and It was an absolute  bargain $5 at Typo. There are some fabulous ideas and you don’t need to have a Christmas tree.    Look at these Alternatives

I have decided to go with a natural theme using burlap, candles, green foliage and doilies.   A simple table arrangement and get the children involved by helping decorate the table with burlap. foliage  and candles .  I won’t need any decorations for My “tree” which is going to save me money . Gifts for will be wrapped with Brown paper and ribbons and /or stamps.  The children gifts will be wrapped with christmas paper that I have left over from last year.


  1. Make a list of everything you need.
  2. Make a date on your calendar within the next 2 weeks and go out and purchase what you need.


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