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Serving you

I have to apologise to all you lovely readers, I want to be serving you better .  Savvy Shopper Website has been terribly neglected over the last couple of months. We have had a so much happening in our lives and just being a bigger family it is a juggle.

At times, I find it very overwhelming being involved with things I want to do and looking after my family. Trying to start a small business to help us along and write for Savvy Shopper.

It’s a big learning curve and as you are aware I am creating a new website.

I have had a terrible last 6 weeks. First, my husband got sick, then we had kids with snotty noses. Then came ear infections. I got sick and even after 2 rounds of antibiotics still wasn’t right. Unfortunately, I got pneumonia and my immunity is really low. I am home recuperating but been very weak.

I want to provide value and information that is useful to my readers. I would appreciate all feedback and comments.

I would like to know more about where you would like to be saving money?

Everyday living/expenses
Wanting to make better food / natural cleaning choices but also balancing the budget?

or Any other suggestions

Any other areas you are interested in or would like to know how I save money. Or maybe just how I do Things

Decorating/ interior design
Organising my house/routines/ schedules/ children’s job

Please drop me a line

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August 21, 2017 |

Second Hand Furniture doesn’t mean Second Best

refurbished furniture

Furniture having a second lease on life.

I love interior design and staging homes and of course, that just steers me in the direction of gorgeous furniture and furnishings.  And Unfortunately, second hand furniture is more in my budget than buying new.   I love finding that perfect piece.

Just recently, I was asked about things that I have bought at factory shops.  It got me thinking and looking through my home.  Yes, I do buy many things from factory outlets, but I realized looking through my home that I have a lot of second hand furniture.

I  have got some absolute bargains buying good quality second-hand furniture. We are on a tight budget with a big family and the savings make such a difference.

Many of us have gone through tough times and we make do with what we have and/ or buy what we can afford. Often you can buy better second hand than junky new stuff. I would rather buy a timber bed/set of draws with a few knocks on it than an MDF piece of rubbish that breaks so easily anyway.


Where to find second hand furniture


Garage sales, Gumtree and Facebook sites can be an absolute treasure trove. Look for a Facebook site just for your postcode, one I keep an eye out on is Brisbane some trash is another person’s treasure.    
eBay is another option, but remember it’s better to buy from someone locally to avoid paying delivery Charges.  I believe the best way to go about finding what you want is to have some ideas and plans for the room you are redecorating. From there you have more specifics what you are looking for and don’t just jump into anything. Keep a list and take your time and you will find the right piece at the right price.


Restoration of Furniture

Once you have a great piece of furniture it can easily be given a second lease of life with some paint or new fabric.
There are so many tutorial and youtube videos out there that show you how to do refurbish furniture. I have recovered chair/ ottomans/ painted a dolls house.

I have really enjoyed doing these projects and it can make such difference to space. Maybe that is my interior creative side coming out. When we styled our last home for sale, I used what we had and just bought a few things to emphasize the space and bring in colour and design aspects. By purchasing some new towels some cushions and having some flowers.

I have been known to sell things for more than what I paid for them second hand. Maybe I had a knack for it or it could just be what I bought was in demand when I sold it on.

If you are looking for something, in particular, there are some great place to keep an eye out for second-hand furniture. Op shops, gum tree, inorganics ( it is amazing what people throw away and there is nothing wrong with it or doesn’t take much to fix it. )  We just scored an aluminum lounger for around the pool. It is in excellent condition except some of the fabric is torn and we going to fix it.

I would love to hear your stories of furniture pieces you have bought and/ or refurbished. Please share before and after photos on our Facebook page.

June 28, 2017 |

Is It worth having Extras Health Insurance ?

Health insurance

Is Extra Health Insurance worth it?

The other day I  called my health fund. We have had an increase as of 1 April ( that’s everyone with health insurance) and I just can’t justify what we are paying. I will be keeping the hospital plan but no extras. With the cap on benefits for our family, it is not worth it. It is better for me to save the money every month and put it aside for when we need glasses and contact lenses. Our main need for extras was for glasses and contact lenses, we have needed other service but it wasn’t covered by our plan.  The cost of other services we have needed ( podiatrist and Occupational therapist) over the years just wasn’t worth it and we just paid for it out of our own pocket.  What the health fund covers still would not be worth it.


Assess your extras on your health insurance.

Have a look at everything on your health insurance statement, look at what service you use the most. Many companies are tailoring your specific needs to your health insurance coverage. Every family’s needs are different so have a look at everything before making a decision.  We only had the basics, on our policy and that was helpful but once I made a comparison and what we used regularly. I realised we are better off without it and saving that money every month.

Here is the government website to have a look and assess your health insurance. It has all the insurance companies within Australia, not just a selected few.
Health Insurance

Health Insurance

I have worn glasses/ contact lenses all my life. If your script is up to date and you know what you need I recommend looking online. My script hasn’t changed much as I get older. I am one of the blessed ones, my eyes are getting better.!!
Here is one company that I have used a lot over the years and have never had a problem.
They have different promotions at the moment if you sign up 30% off glasses /15 % of contact lenses and free shipping.
Also here is the link to the health funds they cover
I do not get any benefit from mentioning this company. Please ensure you get informed advice, this is just my personal experience and comparison.   Everyone’s circumstances are different
April 11, 2017 |


corfu sale

Corfu Summer Sale


Corfu  Clothing is having a fantastic Once off total Summer Clearance Sale. Now is the time to stock up and get great quality Clothing for a bargain. Save 95%.   Everything is $5


Here are their details:

When:  -8th April 2017

Where: Location: 7-11 Ferguson Street

Underwood, Brisbane

Phone  07 34232340

Parking:  on road Parking

Payment : EFTPOS available


This is paid advertising.



April 6, 2017 |

How to use the Savvy Shopper directory

Savvy Shopper Directory

Savvy Shopper Directory as seen on Nine news


This is just a short blog post on how to use the directory.

Presently on the blog, we have 75 listings on this blog varying from food to furniture and so much more.  There are two parts to Savvy Shopper the directory and the blog.

Savvy Shopper isn’t  always about the cheapest places around, but it is about getting the best quality for the money you spend.  I really want everyone who uses Savvy Shopper to love it, recommend it to others and to save money.

How to use the Savvy Shopper Directory

If you are looking for something particular eg a Breville iron.  Type in the search bar -Breville or small appliances and all the places within our database with that tag will come up. Or just a general search eg food and all the listing will come up.  The information given for each listing is correct at the time of typing but this can change over time. So I highly recommend ringing a place before driving somewhere.   I have learned the hard way.

The other way to use the directory is to type a suburb that you are going into and all the places within that suburb will come up.   You will be really surprised where I have found a factory outlet.

As I do more research and find more places, they will come on to the blog.  If there is anything yo want help with please let me know.

Please some over to the facebook page and join us and I love hearing from readers. What bargain have you got recently?  Is there a place that really should be on here and isn’t!!! Let me know ASAP.



April 1, 2017 |

Welcome to all the New Members


Welcome to Savvy Shopper


Welcome to all the new Members. Thank you for joining, in the coming weeks there will be more blog posts coming and factory shops.

If you are looking for anything in particular please let me know, as I would love to assist you.

So please drop me a line and I look forward to getting to know everyone better.


March 13, 2017 |

My Top 5 Places to Grocery shop


Market Place


Today I am sharing  my top 5 places to Grocery shop.  This to keep my grocery budget down especially as it seems to be ballooning with growing preteen and teenage boys.   We are  at the stage of life where I need my way of doing things simple.  This will be different for everyone and depend on your weekly budget.  I do go a  bit further afield for things but then I make it worth while eg bulk meat shop for a month.  I do my weekly shop of grocery Items between Aldi and Woolworths. I would like to look into other bulk buying options and possibly do a shop at Costco every couple of months.

Rocklea Markets

I have a lovely friend that started a co op with some families within our area.  Our co op has about 8 families and  every fortnight she goes out  with a helper.  On a Thursday you can go and buy bulk at the Rocklea markets. To get into the bulk buying area it is $5 per car, which is well worth it.   This is a great way to get fresh fruit and vegetable at competitive prices.   This makes a huge impact on my budget especially when you compare what you get from one of the larger chain stores.   What we get can vary season to season and  sometime I need to get something extra when i do my grocery shop. The other side of the coin sometimes they will get an item I don’t cook often eg rhubard.  I just look for recipes to use it up and make something new and exciting for the family.  With a  large family this works well for me , this wont work for some families but you could share it out more or sell on to other families you know.

Hans Primo Shop

This is a great place to shop for meat and they often have some great deals. The Hans Primo Shop is in Wacol. Follow their Facebook page and every week you will see they post specials.     I wait for their really good specials and go and stock up on the basics for the  family.  For us I buy whole chicken, chicken breast,mince, bacon and any other specials.  Their cold meats are competitively priced to the supermarkets.     I will often email them my order, As I  bulk buy of the specials.   This just makes it easier for me with little children.  Then I go in and see what else there is before get my emailed order and pay.  I have never been disappointing with my meat from the Hans Factory shop and the service has always been great.

Buyers Collective

Over the last year I started  using more environmentally and chemically friendly products. This is and will be a a journey of trial and error to see what works well for your family. I have found this co op and it has meant that i have been able to change the products we use and that it hasn’t broken my budget.  It does  mean that you need to put some money aside each week for that bulk buy when it comes around.

You source a range of products from the Buyer collective from organic meats, nuts, grocery items, cleaning , personal hygiene , vitamins and so much more. The pricing is very competitive.

The way in which this group works is you order what you would like through a google doc document.  There is a close off date, about a week after the close off date you will get an invoice to pay for your goods. You pay and then on a Saturday/ Sunday you can collect your goods and This group is run by such a lovely lady and if you are interested in finding out more please  email me and I can put you in contact with the group.

P and L Meats

P and L Meats is right next door to Blunder Road Markets in Oxley, so it is convenient.  It has a really good selection of meats and often has some really good specials . The quality of the meat is good and pricing competitive. I often get a twin pack of chickens for approx $8 and the old meat is  around $16 a kg.  They also have a selection of cheeses and yogurt really cheap that are close to expiration date.

If you are a kiwi you will see a few NZ items in this butcher L&P drink, Kiwi ice cream to name a few.  P and L Meats text you weekly specialls so worth while signing up for that and also their facebook page

Blunder Road Markets

Blunder Road Markets often has some fantastic specials.  I do find that it is worth just checking everything as sometimes the stock outside can be close to spoiling.  I find that I get great value for money here,and i go here when i need to really need do do a big vegetable shop and stock up on staples.   At the back of the store they often have a trolley full of good that are soft or close to spoiling,  great if you are wanting to make jams or pasta sauces..   They also have a selection of spices, yogurt and Lebanese bread.

I hope you found my Top 5 Places to Grocery shop informative and helpful.  Do you have a great spot where you shop and get a bargain?  I would love to hear from you and please share your Top spots.

February 28, 2017 |
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