Second Hand Furniture doesn’t mean Second Best

refurbished furniture

Furniture having a second lease on life.

I love interior design and staging homes and of course, that just steers me in the direction of gorgeous furniture and furnishings.  And Unfortunately, second hand furniture is more in my budget than buying new.   I love finding that perfect piece.

Just recently, I was asked about things that I have bought at factory shops.  It got me thinking and looking through my home.  Yes, I do buy many things from factory outlets, but I realized looking through my home that I have a lot of second hand furniture.

I  have got some absolute bargains buying good quality second-hand furniture. We are on a tight budget with a big family and the savings make such a difference.

Many of us have gone through tough times and we make do with what we have and/ or buy what we can afford. Often you can buy better second hand than junky new stuff. I would rather buy a timber bed/set of draws with a few knocks on it than an MDF piece of rubbish that breaks so easily anyway.


Where to find second hand furniture


Garage sales, Gumtree and Facebook sites can be an absolute treasure trove. Look for a Facebook site just for your postcode, one I keep an eye out on is Brisbane some trash is another person’s treasure.    
eBay is another option, but remember it’s better to buy from someone locally to avoid paying delivery Charges.  I believe the best way to go about finding what you want is to have some ideas and plans for the room you are redecorating. From there you have more specifics what you are looking for and don’t just jump into anything. Keep a list and take your time and you will find the right piece at the right price.


Restoration of Furniture

Once you have a great piece of furniture it can easily be given a second lease of life with some paint or new fabric.
There are so many tutorial and youtube videos out there that show you how to do refurbish furniture. I have recovered chair/ ottomans/ painted a dolls house.

I have really enjoyed doing these projects and it can make such difference to space. Maybe that is my interior creative side coming out. When we styled our last home for sale, I used what we had and just bought a few things to emphasize the space and bring in colour and design aspects. By purchasing some new towels some cushions and having some flowers.

I have been known to sell things for more than what I paid for them second hand. Maybe I had a knack for it or it could just be what I bought was in demand when I sold it on.

If you are looking for something, in particular, there are some great place to keep an eye out for second-hand furniture. Op shops, gum tree, inorganics ( it is amazing what people throw away and there is nothing wrong with it or doesn’t take much to fix it. )  We just scored an aluminum lounger for around the pool. It is in excellent condition except some of the fabric is torn and we going to fix it.

I would love to hear your stories of furniture pieces you have bought and/ or refurbished. Please share before and after photos on our Facebook page.

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