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Serving you

I have to apologise to all you lovely readers, I want to be serving you better .  Savvy Shopper Website has been terribly neglected over the last couple of months. We have had a so much happening in our lives and just being a bigger family it is a juggle.

At times, I find it very overwhelming being involved with things I want to do and looking after my family. Trying to start a small business to help us along and write for Savvy Shopper.

It’s a big learning curve and as you are aware I am creating a new website.

I have had a terrible last 6 weeks. First, my husband got sick, then we had kids with snotty noses. Then came ear infections. I got sick and even after 2 rounds of antibiotics still wasn’t right. Unfortunately, I got pneumonia and my immunity is really low. I am home recuperating but been very weak.

I want to provide value and information that is useful to my readers. I would appreciate all feedback and comments.

I would like to know more about where you would like to be saving money?

Everyday living/expenses
Wanting to make better food / natural cleaning choices but also balancing the budget?

or Any other suggestions

Any other areas you are interested in or would like to know how I save money. Or maybe just how I do Things

Decorating/ interior design
Organising my house/routines/ schedules/ children’s job

Please drop me a line

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August 21, 2017 |
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