Your Christmas Feast

This week is about planning your  Christmas Feast.  Here is the link to the previous Post on creating a stressfree Christmas
I apologise that I didn’t get this post out sooner . I have been terrible sick with a vomiting bug that took out our whole family of six down. It has taken a couple of weeks to get myself fully recovered.

Things to consider when planning your Christmas Feast.

  1. What are planning to do on Christmas Day?
  2. Where will you be at Christmas Day.
  3. Are you going to family Or Are they coming to you. ?Are you the crazy person who volunteered to have the family at your house for Christmas.
I like to keep things super simple, practical and of course delicious.
Since we are the only ones from our family here is Australia. It’s a very quiet affair for us.
If you are having family over I suggest planning what you are eating and get everyone to bring a dish. This helps your stress levels  , your budget and you can and enjoy the day.
My hubby loves a roast for Christmas but cooking in the Queensland heat does not excite me.  So what I do is have Christmas Eve as a hot roast with vegetables.  I am extreme blessed to have a really big oven. I roast around 2 or 3 meats.  This year I would love to do a boneless lamb, large Chicken and beef. I am planning to see what specials are in the next couple of weeks.
Every year I cook an array of vegetables .  My favourite is balsamic roasted vegetables , broccoli, peas if I have lamb. roasted potatoes is a must ,with carrots and Gravy.   Bulk cooking of meats means we can eat cold meats and salads for days, it keeps things easy and all I need to do is  make some yummy salads.   So Christmas day will be an array of cold meats, colorful salads and yummy sourdough.   For dessert I always have a pavlova , fruit salad and then some other dessert.
For New Year we have decided that we will have a BBQ , this is always nice.  I will purchase some nice steak, chicken (make chicken kebabs on the stick for the kids with vegetable) and serve it with salads and a potatoe bake.
After I wrote this post Our plan for christmas has totally changed and we will be going away for Christmas and we have decided that we will go out for Christmas Lunch.  It means I can have a “holiday” and i think it will be lovely for us we have never been away for Christmas.
I  am planning to have some meals cooked ( lasagna)  and cooked meats to take away with us to make things easy and to feel relaxed.
November 23, 2016 |

Getting your Christmas Budget and Gift list Organised


ChristmasGift list


Lets just do these few tasks  and help prepare for Christmas. Today is about Christmas Budgeting and writing down gift ideas. Money stress is awful and can make this an unhappy time of the year hard for many people.  Here are  a few simple tasks to help get the hard part of Christmas organised.

Here is the link to part one in this series

You just need to commit to making the time.  Sit down for 10 -20 minutes and make a quick plan.  Prepare a spending plan because  Christmas can be a time when the budget can blow up in major proportion. Have a look what you have spent in previous years and see if that what you can spend this time. Write it down so you know.  You are mentally preparing yourself of what you can and cant spend.

Remember all sorts of things creep up on you at christmas time. Getting haircut and colour, holiday expenses. a new outfit for christmas event/ new year. Ensure all of this is in your christmas Budget.

Christmas Budgeting

  • Make a budget for Christmas – decorations/ food /presents/ clothing/ alcohol/ wrapping and cards
  • Write a list of everyone you need to get a gift  ( remember secret Santa, teachers, neighbors )

Christmas Gift List

  • Allocate an amount for each person
  • Write  down some ideas of what you could purchase for that person
  • Make an appointment in your diary to start you Christmas Shopping.

Now is a great time to purchase gifts as it is the end of spring season and the summer stock is coming on. Don’t forget that if you want to send parcels overseas that you will need to send it off soon. I am keeping this short this week, go grab a coffee and write down your budget and gift list.

I will have one more part to this series of preparing for creating a stress-free Christmas.


October 31, 2016 |
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