Let’s just do these few tasks and help prepare for Christmas. Today is about Christmas Budgeting and writing down gift ideas. Money stress is awful and can make this an unhappy time of the year hard for many people.  Here are a few simple tasks to help get the hard part of Christmas organised.

Here is the link to part one in this series

You just need to commit to making the time.  Sit down for 10 -20 minutes and make a quick plan.  Prepare a spending plan because  Christmas can be a time when the budget can blow up in major proportion. Have a look what you have spent in previous years and see if that what you can spend this time. Write it down so you know.  You are mentally preparing yourself of what you can and can’t spend.

Remember all sorts of things creep up on you at Christmas time. Getting haircut and colour, holiday expenses. a new outfit for Christmas event/ new year. Ensure all of this is in your Christmas Budget.

Christmas Budgeting

  • Make a budget for Christmas – decorations/ food /presents/ clothing/ alcohol/ wrapping and cards
  • Write a list of everyone you need to get a gift  ( remember secret Santa, teachers, neighbors )

Christmas Gift List

  • Allocate an amount for each person
  • Write  down some ideas of what you could purchase for that person
  • Make an appointment in your diary to start you Christmas Shopping.

Now is a great time to purchase gifts as it is the end of the spring season and the summer stock is coming on. Don’t forget that if you want to send parcels overseas that you will need to send it off soon. I am keeping this short this week, go grab a coffee and write down your budget and gift list.

I will have one more part to this series of preparing for creating a stress-free Christmas.

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