The other day I called my health fund. We have had an increase as of 1 April ( that’s everyone with health insurance) and I just can’t justify what we are paying. I will be keeping the hospital plan but no extras. With the cap on benefits for our family, it is not worth it. It is better for me to save the money every month and put it aside for when we need glasses and contact lenses. Our main need for extras was for glasses and contact lenses, we have needed other service but it wasn’t covered by our plan. The cost of other services we have needed ( podiatrist and Occupational therapist) over the years just wasn’t worth it and we just paid for it out of our own pocket. What the health fund covers still would not be worth it.

Assess your extras on your health insurance.

Have a look at everything on your health insurance statement, look at what service you use the most. Many companies are tailoring your specific needs to your health insurance coverage. Every family’s needs are different so have a look at everything before making a decision. We only had the basics, on our policy and that was helpful but once I made a comparison and what we used regularly. I realised we are better off without it and saving that money every month.

Here is the government website to have a look and assess your health insurance. It has all the insurance companies within Australia, not just a selected few.

I have worn glasses/ contact lenses all my life. If your script is up to date and you know what you need I recommend looking online. My script hasn’t changed much as I get older. I am one of the blessed ones, my eyes are getting better.!!

Here is one company that I have used a lot over the years and have never had a problem.

They have different promotions at the moment if you sign up 30% off glasses /15 % of contact lenses and free shipping.

Also here is the link to the health funds they cover

I do not get any benefit from mentioning this company. Please ensure you get informed advice, this is just my personal experience and comparison. Everyone’s circumstances are different

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