Eating better for my health and well-being and my families has been on my mind for quite a while. I do cook from scratch and there are things we don’t have in our home now except for special occasions. However, I know I could be doing a lot better. Recently I came across Lisa Corduff’s course – Small Steps to Whole Food.

Well, this is really the beginning of my whole foods journey. I have learnt so much and the information has been invaluable. I love her approach, Lisa is genuine and her approach is small steps and no guilt. I loved the course and I have signed up to continue the Small Steps Together Program to help me continue on this journey.

Doing this course got me thinking.Many the people are looking for organic, grass fed meat and looking for alternative ways to source vegetables, fruit and nuts and other grocery items. I felt this could be a great opportunity for me to share with Savvy Shopper Community. Savvy shopper is not only about saving money built being clever in other areas of our lives. So I felt if I could endeavor to help others to source better produce through some of the places I have heard about and some that I have tried personally. So I will be including farmers, co-ops and other bulk buying places on the website directory.

People will be able to source produce, meat and other grocery items directly from Farmers, co-ops and other stores. There are many co-ops around and they their own have rules of how they operate. You could always get some families together and start your own co-op. I belong to one where we go to the Rocklea Markets fortnightly, we all help to split the food up between the families. You get great value for money and the vegetable are fresh last so much longer.

Watch this space as new farmers, co-ops, and bulk foods suppliers will be added.

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